Most of us here at the company are parents; we understand the frustration and anxiety from bedwetting. So, in response, we developed a sophisticated line of bedwetting alarms. This revolutionary bedwetting treatment technology is now available in Europe.

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Chummie Customer Feedback

Are you tired of changing and washing sheets every night? Are you pulling your hair out because your six year old is wetting his bed? You are not alone! I have been there and I understand your pain. The worse is seeing the look of helplessness, embarrassment and shame on my little boy’s face. It would break any mother’s heart. Luckily, I found Chummie. This product doesn’t solve the problem over night, but after a few weeks of consistent use this product has taught my son to listen to his body’s signals to avoid accidents.
Jenny / Want to share my experience with other mothers
My son had been bed wetting for over six years (he is now 9) and the Chummie made him stop in four weeks.
Henry / Dry after six years of bedwetting
It is unbelievable! Dry after only a few nights and that without going to the bathroom! It’s hard to believe, because the diaper has never before been dry. We are continuing with the treatment to achieve 14 consecutive dry nights. The boy is very motivated and that’s good because he is a determined guy!
Anne / It’s hard to believe
We have used the alarm for a few weeks and have been well satisfied with the product. We see progress and improved self-confidence, but the treatment is not quite finished yet. The bedwetting alarm works very well. Thank you!
Trude / Improved self confidence